Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Us Vs a General Contractor

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall, Load Bearing Wall Removal

A general contractor is a company that oversees a construction project and some of them offering load-bearing wall removal services. When you start researching your options for load-bearing wall removal, you are going to come across different general contractors offering their services. Although some are capable of removing load-bearing walls, we want you to know that few are as qualified … Read More

Removal of Load-Bearing Walls – What Are Support Walls?

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall Removal

When we discuss the removal of load-bearing walls with clients, we do our best to explain our work process. There are specific steps that we have to take to do the job safely. One of those steps is installing support walls – sometimes called temporary supports. Let’s review what they are and what they do. Support Walls – Removal of … Read More

Why We Only Do Load-Bearing Wall Removal

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall, Load Bearing Wall Removal

From time to time, clients and other contractors ask us why we only do load-bearing wall removal. We have the experience and know-how to tackle all sorts of construction projects. Yet we focus exclusively on removing load-bearing walls. We have our reasons – and they are good ones! Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Why It’s All We Do 1. We prefer … Read More

Reasons to Choose Us for Load-Bearing Wall Removal

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Learn why to choose us for load-bearing wall removal

Some contractors and subcontractors will tell you that they can remove your load-bearing wall and do it right. Technically, that may be true. But there aren’t many companies with true expertise in load-bearing wall removal. Load Bearing Pros is a unique company. We have performed over 100 beam replacements for load-bearing walls. You are unlikely to find a better choice … Read More

Safe Load-Bearing Wall Removal – How We Do It

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Safe load-bearing wall removal is our priority.

There are tons of safety tips out there for DIY projects. But what about when it comes to safe load-bearing wall removal? There are a few, but any that are being honest will start by telling you to talk to a professional. That’s because load-bearing wall removal, when done improperly, can create some real safety hazards. So, what’s the difference … Read More