What Slows Down Load-Bearing Wall Removal?

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At Load Bearing Pros, we are proud of our rapid turnaround times for jobs. In most cases, we walk into a home in the morning and walk out that same day. Our team can pull out the old wall, replace it with a beam, and be gone by the end of the day. It’s impressive. But of course, some things can slow down load-bearing wall removal. Check out some of the top causes of slower wall removal and beam replacements.

Load-Bearing Wall Removal – What Can Slow Down the Process?

1. Design considerations

We are careful to map out our design before we start knocking down walls and putting up beams. But we may miss something and realize as we are starting work that there will be an issue. Our company takes customer satisfaction seriously, so if we see a design issue that we can solve we will do it – even if it slows down the project. We will come to you and tell you if we think something should be different and offer our expert advice.

2. Surprises within the walls

Our team has found a variety of problems inside walls once we start to tear them down. This is particularly true in older homes. We have found old aluminum wiring, HVAC ducts, asbestos, and other problems that drag our work to a halt. The last thing we want to do is go tearing through something and damage it, or hurt our workers or our clients.

Fortunately, we have numerous other contractors we partner with that can help us solve these problems quickly and efficiently. For instance, if we find asbestos, we have someone we can call who can perform proper abatement procedures to keep everyone safe.

3. Equipment breakage

We are pros and we use professional-grade equipment. But even the best equipment wears out and breaks eventually. When equipment does break it can slow us down. Fortunately, we keep spares for most things and can make a quick run to a rental shop for bigger equipment that may fail on us.

Your Load-Bearing Wall Removal Team

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