Safe Load-Bearing Wall Removal – How We Do It

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall Removal

Safe load-bearing wall removal is our priority.

There are tons of safety tips out there for DIY projects. But what about when it comes to safe load-bearing wall removal? There are a few, but any that are being honest will start by telling you to talk to a professional. That’s because load-bearing wall removal, when done improperly, can create some real safety hazards. So, what’s the difference in the way we do it from the way you would do it? Well, a lot.

How We Perform Safe Load-Bearing Wall Removal

1. We start from a place of expertise.

If you have been at your job for years, you are probably pretty good at it. When a new hire comes on, you may have to exercise patience. There’s so much they don’t know and it’s going to take years for them to learn it. The same is true for load-bearing wall removal.

We do this pretty much every business day of the year. Our team has a process that we use – a safe, fast, reliable process. When we say we are good, we mean it.

2. Our team plans carefully and consults an engineer.

Even if you do write up a plan for removing the load-bearing wall, you are probably not going to run it by an engineer. But we do. In fact, we have several engineers we work with regularly. Before we do anything that would put anyone in danger, we check with an expert first.

3. We make sure the home is supported before removing the wall.

Part of our process is the installation of temporary walls to support the structure. We build these walls all the time so we know how to do it right. Before we start to remove the wall, we are certain your home’s structure is supported.

4. Only once we know that your new beam is doing its job do we walk away.

We verify that we have properly attached the beam to your home. It’s also important to us that we make certain the beam is transferring the load to the footers. As long as the beam is attached and properly transferring the load, you can rely on it to keep your home structurally sound.

Numerous Satisfied Clients Prove Our Safety Record

With all the clients we have worked for, if our process was not safe it would be obvious by now. Instead, we have never had a safety issue. Our beam installations will likely stand longer than the structure around them. That’s how safe our work is.

You may have questions about your specific load-bearing wall removal project. We have answers. Please call us at (801) 300-8322 or complete our online contact form and we will gladly answer those questions. We can tell you whether what you want to do is possible and how much it will cost. And if you want to move forward with the removal, we are happy to schedule you in.

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