Removal of Load-Bearing Walls – What Are Support Walls?

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When we discuss the removal of load-bearing walls with clients, we do our best to explain our work process. There are specific steps that we have to take to do the job safely. One of those steps is installing support walls – sometimes called temporary supports. Let’s review what they are and what they do.

Support Walls – Removal of Load-Bearing Walls

Load-Bearing Walls Support Joists

To clearly picture support walls, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of how load-bearing walls function. Each level of your home is structured like a box, with a floor, sides, and a top. The top is heavy, especially if there is a floor above. That top needs sufficient support to maintain structural integrity – which is where load-bearing walls come in.

The most substantial part of the top of each level is the joists. These are thick, sturdy beams, that run from one external wall to the other. Between the floor and the joists above are load-bearing walls. Typically, the load-bearing walls are perpendicular to the joists above (although not always). It’s a simple design that humans have relied on for a very long time. Load-bearing walls transfer the load of the joists above to the foundation of the home so they aren’t left sagging and swaying in the middle of your ceiling.

Support Walls Temporarily Support Joists

When you decide to remove a load-bearing wall, it’s necessary to place something under the joists to temporarily support them. That’s where support walls come in. They aren’t complicated, but they are important.

Before load-bearing wall removal, we build simple, temporary walls on each side of the load-bearing wall. With one support wall on one side and one on the other, the joists above have something to sit on as we remove the load-bearing wall. Our experienced team can throw up support walls in a matter of hours and take them out even faster.

Support Walls Give Us Time to Install the Beam

The joists need permanent support, which is where the beam installation comes in. We leave the support walls in place as we install the beam. And once the beam is installed correctly, we can remove those support walls.

Questions About Load-Bearing Wall Removal?

Load Bearing Pros can remove your load-bearing wall and replace it with the beam of your choice. We can do it quickly and professionally. Often, we can complete the job in a single day.

If you have questions about removing your load-bearing wall, we would love to answer them. Our pros can tell you what to expect, what it will likely cost, and how long it will take. Please fill out our convenient online bid form and get a free bid. Or, give us a call at (385) 300-8322. We are here to assist with all of your load-bearing wall removal needs in Utah and beyond.