Utah Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Facts You Can’t Ignore

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Here are facts you can't ignore from Utah load-bearing wall removal pros.

If you want to remove a load-bearing wall in your home, you aren’t alone. Open floorplans are popular both for looks and for practical reasons. It’s good to make positive changes to your investment. However, as your Utah load-bearing wall removal pros, we want you to be aware of a few things. Here are some facts you can’t ignore about removing load-bearing walls.

Load-Bearing Wall Removal Facts

1. You need a permit or permits.

It’s the way the renovation world works. Many of the changes, particularly major changes like removing a load-bearing wall, require permits. You will need to check with your local building services office to get information about permits for your renovation project.  

2. The structure requires something to support it – usually a beam.

At Load Bearing Pros, we specialize in beam replacements. That load-bearing wall is considered load-bearing for a reason – because it’s holding up some of the load of the overall structure. Just taking out the wall without replacing it with something like a beam will lead to structural and safety issues.

3. While you are installing the beam, you must use temporary supports.

You might feel confident enough to knock that load-bearing wall out. It’s possible you even feel ready to bring in a beam and replace that wall. Just don’t forget the important middle step – installing temporary walls and/or supports. Avoid leaving the structure unsupported for very long, otherwise your risk damaging the home.

4. There may be some frustrating surprises in the wall.

This is an issue that many people – even contractors and subcontractors – are not prepared for. There can be all sorts of things inside the wall that you must deal with, especially if you have an older home. Electrical wiring, plumbing, asbestos, duct work, and more. Part of what distinguishes our company is all the other contractors we are friends with. If we suspect there is going to be an issue in the wall, we will call in a friend with expert knowledge to address that problem.

5. Load-bearing wall removal services may be more affordable than you think.

It makes sense to want to save as much money as possible on your home renovation projects. But sometimes trying to save a little can cost you a lot – especially with serious projects like load-bearing wall removal. Our services could be cheaper than you think. And for what we charge, we give you the peace of mind that only comes from hiring the best in the industry.

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