Reasons to Choose Us for Load-Bearing Wall Removal

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Learn why to choose us for load-bearing wall removal

Some contractors and subcontractors will tell you that they can remove your load-bearing wall and do it right. Technically, that may be true. But there aren’t many companies with true expertise in load-bearing wall removal.

Load Bearing Pros is a unique company. We have performed over 100 beam replacements for load-bearing walls. You are unlikely to find a better choice for removing your load-bearing wall. Here’s why.

Why Choose Us for Load-Bearing Wall Removal?

1. Unparalleled Experience

There are not many companies out there that have completed as many jobs as we have. Some contractors and subcontractors have removed load-bearing walls. They may have installed beams to replace those walls. But have they done it over 100 times? Unlikely.

2. Estimates You Can Trust

Your contractor should be capable of giving you a bid that you can rely on. Don’t get us wrong – sometimes projects are more difficult and time-consuming than we expect. One of the great benefits of our experience, though, is that it allows us to identify possible issues before we start. If we see that there might be a problem, we are going to let you know and estimate the cost of our work accordingly.

3. Ability to Identify Design Issues

You are likely going to have a vision for how you want your floorplan to look. After all, you are willing to pay for load-bearing wall removal. But sometimes there can be problems with your vision that you cannot see on your own.

One of the major benefits of working with our team is our ability to see the road ahead. We have done this so many times that there’s a good chance we have attempted something similar before. If we identify possible problems with your design we will tell you. Then we will do our best to help you adapt your design and realize a vision that still pleases you.

4. Skill to Install Any Type of Beam

If you find a contractor or subcontractor that can install a beam, it will probably be a wood glue laminated beam. They are the most common beams and inexperienced installers want to use what they know. But there are other beams out there that you might like better. These include:

  • Wood Glue Lam
  • Wood Micro Lam
  • Steel I Beam
  • Steel C Channel
  • Girder Truss

Not only will they probably want to go with wood glue lam – they will probably only be comfortable working with certain sizes. We are different.

Our team can install any of the above beams. We can also install pretty much any size you want.

5. Can Draw On Trusted Pros in Other Industries

It’s always a mystery what you will find when you open up a wall. For example, you could find aluminum electrical wiring – which requires professional attention before you can remove the wall. Fortunately, whatever we find, we can solve the problem and get the job done. That’s because we have over 30 trusted professionals we can call for help. HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing – you name it, we have someone we can bring in to solve the problem.

In contrast, many contractors and subcontractors may leave you with a torn up wall and an expensive problem. If they get in there and don’t know what to do, they could leave you to figure it out.

Discover the Advantages of Load Bearing Pros!

We know you have questions about load-bearing wall removal. Our team can answer those questions. Whether you are in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City, or anywhere in between, we are your load-bearing wall removal team.

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