Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Us Vs a General Contractor

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A general contractor is a company that oversees a construction project and some of them offering load-bearing wall removal services. When you start researching your options for load-bearing wall removal, you are going to come across different general contractors offering their services. Although some are capable of removing load-bearing walls, we want you to know that few are as qualified as we are. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us over a general contractor.

Why Choose Us Over a General Contractor for Load-Bearing Wall Removal

There are multiple reasons why we are the better choice for removing your load-bearing wall.

1. We have more experience removing load-bearing walls.

There are many experienced general contractors out there. But few are going to have the level of direct experience we have removing load-bearing walls. The name says it all – they are “general” contractors. They can oversee a wide variety of construction projects and find other experienced sub-contractors to do most things. But our team has focused specifically on load-bearing wall removal and nothing else for a while now, which other general contractors almost certainly have not.

2. Our company runs lean to keep costs down.

Load-Bearing Pros only removes load-bearing walls and does beam replacements. That’s it. We don’t remodel bathrooms, we don’t remodel kitchens, and we don’t add additions to homes. We leave that to the general contractors. That means we run a tighter ship and don’t need extra employees. Our prices are extremely competitive because of the way we structure our business.

3. We don’t have to charge finder’s fees for load-bearing wall removal.

Part of the way general contractors make money is by charging fees for helping you find subcontractors. It can be worth the money when you have a big project and you don’t know the industry. But if you just need your wall removed, there’s no need to pay a general contractor’s fees to get the job done.

4. Our friends can help us when necessary.

Although we keep our crew small and agile, we have all types of contractors available to help if necessary. If we run into a problem, such as finding asbestos in your wall, then we can get someone out to help.

5. We are fast!

General contractors usually have a lot going on. In contrast, we are only doing load-bearing wall removal. Our team can usually remove your wall and put in a beam in a single day.

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