How to Choose from Different Types of Load Bearing Support Beams

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Home renovations, whether bath remodels or kitchen upgrades, have become rather popular recently. The reasons for home renovations vary. While 93% reported a better quality of life, 57% of homeowners reported increases in appraisal value after finishing their renovations. Load-bearing wall removal is one such popular home renovation.  Of course, you will need to hire a load-bearing wall specialist for this job. However, … Read More

The Risks and Consequences of Removing a Load-Bearing Wall Without a Permit

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It seems that home renovations are at an all-time high. According to the Joint Center for Housing Centers of Harvard University (JCHS), homeowners spent $328 billion in 2019 on renovations. It grew to $472 billion in 2022, with an estimated spending of $485 billion in 2023. One of the most popular home improvements is load-bearing wall removal. Although complicated, tearing down a … Read More

Maximize Your Basement Space with Load-Bearing Wall Removal Contractor

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2019, American homeowners have developed a renewed interest in home remodeling. According to the Joint Center for Housing Centers of Harvard University (JCHS), the homeowner remodeling and repair market expanded by 24% from $328 billion in 2019 to $406 billion in 2021, compared to LIRA’s estimated growth of 12%. People were mostly engaged in DIY projects … Read More

10 Affordable Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces


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What could you do with $40,000?  Pay for a year at college? Yes.  Buy a luxury car? Possibly.  Renovate your kitchen? Just about.  As crucial as kitchens are to your home, sprucing them up can get expensive. In fact, the national average for a mid range kitchen renovation is over $80,000.  But unlike fancy cars and new college experiences, you … Read More

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractors

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So, you’ve finally decided to give your kitchen a much-needed facelift!  The open-floor concept that flawlessly connects the kitchen and living room has captured your imagination and now, you want to introduce it in your home too.  You should know that this kitchen remodeling project may require you to take down a wall or two in your home.  Kitchen load … Read More

Load-Bearing Wall Removal Specialist: 9 Signs of Structural Damage in Your Home

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You’d assume that once the dust of construction settles, your home is solid and stable for the long haul. However, this isn’t always the case. Houses can suffer structural damage long after they are complete, whether it’s from poor workmanship, materials, negligence, or shoddy DIY home repairs (like removing a load-bearing wall without proper precaution). Some house problems are obvious … Read More

DIY vs. Professional Load-Bearing Wall Removal: Which is Right for You?

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When removing load-bearing walls, the internet will tell you it’s better to hire a professional than attempt it yourself. And with good reason. Not everyone is an ace with a hammer, and that’s fine!  But is DIY load-bearing wall removal impossible? Not quite. People with the right skills, tools, and background can take down their walls- but it comes with … Read More

7 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen remodels are popular with homeowners looking to refurbish their space. According to a survey by Statista, 45% of respondents took on a kitchen renovation project because they wanted to do it all along and finally had the means. On the other hand, 35% couldn’t stand their old kitchen, and 28% wanted to personalize a recently purchased home.  Renovating a … Read More

Top 7 Basement Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid


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If you’re tired of your toddler crashing your Zoom calls covered in ketchup, it might be time to finish that basement – and it can’t start soon enough. Like most of us, you’re probably longing for some quiet space to call your own, and the basement can be a great place to stake out.  Basements are debuting as luxurious and … Read More