Load-Bearing Wall Removal Specialist: 9 Signs of Structural Damage in Your Home

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You’d assume that once the dust of construction settles, your home is solid and stable for the long haul. However, this isn’t always the case. Houses can suffer structural damage long after they are complete, whether it’s from poor workmanship, materials, negligence, or shoddy DIY home repairs (like removing a load-bearing wall without proper precaution). Some house problems are obvious … Read More

DIY vs. Professional Load-Bearing Wall Removal: Which is Right for You?

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When removing load-bearing walls, the internet will tell you it’s better to hire a professional than attempt it yourself. And with good reason. Not everyone is an ace with a hammer, and that’s fine!  But is DIY load-bearing wall removal impossible? Not quite. People with the right skills, tools, and background can take down their walls- but it comes with … Read More

7 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen remodels are popular with homeowners looking to refurbish their space. According to a survey by Statista, 45% of respondents took on a kitchen renovation project because they wanted to do it all along and finally had the means. On the other hand, 35% couldn’t stand their old kitchen, and 28% wanted to personalize a recently purchased home.  Renovating a … Read More

6 Things to Know Before Removing a Load Bearing Wall in Your Home

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When it comes to living spaces, most homeowners would prefer to live in a house with a sprawling, open-floor plan rather than one that’s divided into smaller rooms. Changing the layout of a compact living area, however, requires meticulous planning – as well as an understanding of load bearing walls and crucial support beams. If you want to maintain the … Read More

7 Questions to Ask Before Going for Load Bearing Wall Removal

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An increasing number of people are opting to simply renovate their home, rather than move into another one. This works out well because they spend less and retain their personal space in a neighborhood that’s already familiar. When remodeling your home, however, you will be wise to give serious consideration to certain aspects, including load bearing wall removal. Although tearing … Read More

Why General Contractors Should Hire Load Bearing Wall Removal Specialist

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Kitchen Remodel Wall Removal

Homeowners often want to make their living space more attractive and functional. While minor home improvements like painting bathroom walls or changing a kitchen sink can be DIY, large remodeling projects warrant professional help. For which general contractors in Utah like you are their go-to guys. As a general contractor, you can take care of almost every aspect of home improvement. However, … Read More

How Much Part of a Load Bearing Wall Should Be Removed?

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With more and more homeowners embracing the open floor concept, it’s becoming increasingly common for engineers to get requests for tearing down walls during renovations. While taking down walls may sound like a fairly straightforward job, it really isn’t. A lot of factors need to be considered upfront, especially if you’re planning load bearing wall removal. Improper removal of a … Read More

8 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Load Bearing Wall Removal Specialist for a Remodel

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If you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your house’s usability and appeal, without breaking the bank, you may want to consider modifying its internal layout. This can be done by knocking down an interior wall and creating an open space. It’s an effective way to allow natural light and fresh air into your home while also improving the visibility of … Read More