Why We Only Do Load-Bearing Wall Removal

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From time to time, clients and other contractors ask us why we only do load-bearing wall removal. We have the experience and know-how to tackle all sorts of construction projects. Yet we focus exclusively on removing load-bearing walls. We have our reasons – and they are good ones!

Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Why It’s All We Do

1. We prefer to perfect load-bearing wall removal, rather than be a general contractor.

Do you have anything that you are really good at? If you do, you know how enjoyable it is to just keep getting better and better at it. Improving your skills is fun and rewarding. It’s also satisfying to stand at the head of the pack in a trade that you love.

2. Only removing load-bearing walls keeps costs down for clients.

General contractors are great for many things. They help clients tackle complex projects without needing to find and hire numerous different contractors. But that convenience comes at a cost. We have been there and we have found that it’s better for our business and our clients if we streamline. Only doing load-bearing wall removal keeps our team small and agile. It also helps us avoid charging you finder’s fees and other expenses that aren’t necessarily required.

3. It allows clients to customize how they complete their renovations.

Our team comes in, removes the load-bearing wall, replaces it with a beam, and leaves. We clean up after ourselves, but we don’t stick around and try to upsell you other services. Instead, we let you decide exactly how you want to complete your renovation project. You may want to fix the drywall, paint, and take care of other basic tasks yourself to save money. Or, you might want to do something else that requires a contractor. Whatever your plan, we get out of the way so you can see it through.

4. We increase our expertise and complete projects generalists can’t.

One of the best aspects of our approach is how it allows us to get really good at what we do. Our team removes load-bearing walls in Utah and surrounding areas almost every day. That increases our skills and knowledge and makes it possible for us to do things the other guys can’t. Whatever your circumstances, we can likely figure out a way to help you reach your project goals because we are the best at what we do.

Take Advantage of Our Expertise

If you are considering removing a load-bearing wall, we are here to help. Please give us a call at (385) 300-8322 or complete our online form for a free bid. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you. We are standing by to answer your questions and help you achieve your renovation goals.