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We partner with many Utah kitchen remodeling companies, positioning them for success with extensive construction and structural expertise. Whether you need to install a new beam or remove an old wall for your project, we make it all possible.

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As a leading kitchen remodeling contractor in Utah, we boast over 15 years of experience building and remodeling homes. We specialize in load-bearing wall removals but are also adept at adding beams and opening cramped spaces.

Affordable Contracting Services

We buy load-bearing beams and other supplies in volume. Because we work quickly and keep our material expenses low, we’re able to offer highly competitive kitchen remodeling costs. 
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1-Day Load-Bearing Wall Removal

In most cases, removing a load-bearing wall and installing new structural beams takes less than one day. Contact our kitchen remodeling experts today to learn how long it will take us to tackle your project.

Liability Coverage

Our $2 million general liability insurance policy specifically covers load-bearing wall removal. Most Utah home insurance policies fail to cover this unless specifically required to do so.

Structural Integrity Checks

The structural integrity of your home should be a huge priority – and it is for us. Trust that all of our kitchen remodeling work is spec’ed by a licensed structural engineer from an independent load-bearing wall removal firm.

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