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A Problem for homeowners

Thousands of homeowners in Northern Utah are updating their kitchens. Many of these homes were built in the 1980's and earlier, and this presents a problem in today's open concept world. 

There's a load bearing wall in the way.

A Problem for Kitchen Remodelers

The homeowner wants you to remove that load bearing wall so they will get that beautiful open space kitchen. If you can't get that wall out of the way, you may lose the entire job.

Removing a load bearing wall takes engineering know-how and experience. And you don't want to face financial issues and reputation from compromising the structural integrity of your clients home.

Its difficult to find an affordable yet competent contractor to remove that load bearing wall so you can get the kitchen remodeled.

Our Solution

Usually a 1 Day Service

In most cases with removing kitchen load bearing walls, we are done in 4-8 hours. Then you can start doing your magic making your clients kitchen modern and beautiful.


We have a $2,000,000 standard liability insurance policy. The responsibility is on us to install the load bearing beam correctly.

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Now when a client asks if you can remove that wall, you can say "we sure can"!

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