10 Reasons to Hire a Load Bearing Wall Removal Specialist

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If you’re a homeowner, you probably understand what it means to have more space and openness in your house. The good news is that you can do this by taking down some of the walls segregating the various rooms.

With the concept of an open-floor space gaining popularity, it makes sense to incorporate it in your home by removing certain walls.

Having said that, you need to understand that wall removal is no DIY task, especially if a load bearing wall is involved. It requires the expertise of experienced professionals. Load bearing walls help support your house’s weight. Therefore, removing such a wall without taking adequate precautions can seriously compromise the house’s structural integrity.

In this blog post, we’re listing a few big reasons to skip DIY and hire a load bearing wall removal specialist. Let’s take a look.

1) They Will Accurately Identify Load Bearing Walls in Your Home

The job of a load bearing wall removal specialist starts even before they even begin to take down the wall. One of their key responsibilities is to identify which walls in your home are actually load bearing.

The results of their analysis might surprise you. It is common for homeowners to mistakenly deem a wall as load bearing when it really isn’t. Conversely, there have been cases where homeowners have taken down walls, only to realize later on that they were load bearing. This may have put themselves and their families at grave risk.

It’s of utmost importance to work with a professional who knows exactly which walls are safe to remove. Only they can accurately determine whether or not a particular wall is load bearing.  

2) They Will Offer Expert Advice About Load Bearing Wall Removal

If the load bearing wall removal specialist determines that the wall you want to take down is load bearing, they’ll further evaluate your situation. They will then advise you whether or not removing the wall is safe.

While load bearing wall removal is possible, you should know that taking down some of these walls can cost you more than removing a standard wall. Only an experienced professional will be able to tell how easy or difficult it will be to remove a wall in your home.

3) They Will Inform You of the Potential Consequences of Wall Removal

Load bearing wall removal can impact other areas of your home. Before taking down any wall, you should ask a professional about what these effects could be. They will be able to explain the consequences of the wall removal in detail. This, in turn, will enable you to make informed decisions during your remodel.  

4) They Know About the Necessary Permits

Just as most construction projects require prior permits and approvals from government authorities, your wall removal plan will likely also need them.

Although you can certainly take it upon yourself to find out what these permits are and how to obtain them, it’s smart to entrust this work to a load bearing wall removal specialist. They will know exactly what’s needed and how to get it as quickly as possible. They will also ensure that the permits are properly displayed in your home before taking down any wall.

5) They Will Take Precautions and Implement Temporary Support Structures

It is crucial that adequate temporary support structures be installed before any load bearing wall is removed. Once the wall is taken down, the support structure will carry the weight of your home and hold it up.

A DIY job can be extremely risky – you may not know what kind of support to use, where to erect it, and how much support is needed to keep your house standing. A load bearing wall removal specialist, on the other hand, will use their knowledge and experience to erect sufficient temporary support structures at the right spots.

6) They Will Facilitate Long-Term Support Before Load Bearing Wall Removal

You also need to consider long-term support before commencing the load bearing wall removal project. In most cases, support beams are installed in place of the wall as they provide the house with the required support.

There are other support options to choose from as well. A load bearing wall removal specialist will be able to guide you and help you make the best choices.

7) They Will Bring Down the Wall Safely

Once the load bearing wall removal specialist starts the project, they will tear down the wall while ensuring minimal disturbance in your home.

They will also make sure to execute the project safely, and take precautions to avoid damage to your property, belongings, electronic appliances, internal wiring, plumbing pipes, HVAC ducts, and so on. Furthermore, they will ensure their own personal safety by wearing the necessary safety gear.

8) They Will Know How and Where to Dispose of Debris and Waste Materials

Performing a DIY load bearing wall removal job means arranging for (and likely renting) a dumpster to dispose of the wall debris and other waste materials.

When you work with a load bearing wall removal specialist, you won’t have to worry about this aspect. They will know how and where to dispose of the wall properly. You can sit back and relax while they do the literal heavy lifting.   

9) They Will Spruce up Your Floor and Ceiling

After the load bearing wall removal job is completed, the last thing you’d want to see are the marks of the wall that remind you of it.

A load bearing wall removal specialist understands your concerns and will spruce up your floors and ceiling. With professional help, it will look like there was no wall in that spot to begin with.

10) Their Amazing Job Will Be Worth Every Penny

Homeowners often think that hiring a load bearing wall removal specialist will be expensive, so they try to take down load bearing walls themselves. The truth is that the benefits of professional assistance are well worth the expense.

Wall removal professionals typically offer their services at a reasonable rate, and they get the job done within a set timeframe. They will finish the job to your satisfaction in a quick and safe manner – and that’s invaluable.

You will be able to take pride in your home’s new open look. Rest assured that its structural integrity remains uncompromised, even with an entire wall removed.

In Conclusion

Every homeowner wants a spacious home which allows plenty of open room and natural light to come in. This can be achieved by tearing down a couple of walls in your home.

If you’ve decided to remove a wall in your house, you should hire load bearing wall removal professionals. They will not only make taking down the load bearing wall safe, but also ensure that the job is done in a timely manner.

Hopefully, these compelling reasons will help you understand why engaging a load bearing wall removal specialist is a must. Good luck with your project!