Kitchen Remodels: Should You Invest in an Open Floor Plan?

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Gone are the days when the kitchen was just a room to cook and leave right after. Over the decades, it has evolved into something of a family-bonding area. After all, it is that place of the house where family and friends gather over hearty meals and feisty banter.

In other words, the kitchen has now become a place to socialize. Fortunately, modern kitchen designs have been adapted to accommodate this trend. We’re talking about the open floor plan – a layout that can make your home’s interior space larger, yet personal.

What Does an Open Floor Plan Mean?

An open floor plan refers to a type of floor layout that merges two or more different rooms into a single large area. For example, homeowners may choose to remove the walls between their kitchen and dining room. Others might be interested in removing load bearing wall between kitchen and living room and dining room to create an expansive area without barriers. 

This type of a floor plan makes your abode brighter and airier. It also works well in creating the appearance of a bigger home. So, if your house is smaller, the open floor plan could be perfect for you. 

However, implementing the open floor concept in homes is easier said than done. Your concerns about “how to remove load bearing wall in kitchen” are completely justified.

While in removing load bearing wall between kitchen and living room can make it look bigger and better, it can also jeopardize the structural integrity of your house if proper precautions aren’t taken. It is crucial that ample structural support is put in place before removing any wall in your home, especially a load bearing one. Without this, your whole house could come crashing down.

Homeowners interested in remodeling their traditional kitchen and going for an open floor layout can benefit from working with experienced and licensed load bearing wall removal specialists. These professionals know exactly what goes into taking down walls quickly and safely. By engaging them, you get peace of mind from knowing that your home’s structural integrity and aesthetics aren’t being compromised in any way. 

Further, your concerns about the cost to remove load bearing wall in kitchen will be laid to rest once you see the results. 

All said and done, the open floor plan is gaining increasing popularity among homeowners for a plethora of reasons. Mentioned ahead are some of them.

Why Invest in an Open Floor Plan during Your Kitchen Remodel?

1.     Makes Entertaining Easier

The interconnected spaces created by open floor plans bring a seamless flow between your various rooms. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this layout is that it makes hosting and entertaining near and dear ones easier. 

Having the entire family over for the holidays or hosting a big dinner party can leave you running in different directions. This is where an open floor layout can really pay off. With no walls obstructing your way (and sight), you can register your presence in different places at once, allowing you to keep an eye on the proceedings of the event. You can consult a load bearing wall removal specialist for details. 

2.     Improves Real Estate Value

If you’re planning to buy or build a new house that’s a delight for the eyes, go for one with an open floor plan. Not only will this layout uplift your home’s interior, it will also enhance its real estate value in the long term. 

An open floor layout adds functionality to your space – an important and highly appealing factor for most home buyers. It’ll be easier to sell a modern-looking home down the road, while also fetching a higher value and generating a positive return on your investment.   

Alternatively, you can consider removing load bearing wall between kitchen and living room in your current home, and enjoy the benefits of this move for a long time. 

3.     Enables More Brightness

Once the barriers (or walls) between rooms have been removed, you’ll be able to enjoy better lighting throughout your house. The light from various electric fixtures will flow from room to room, enhancing the look of your home. An open floor plan will allow sunlight to permeate through your house, making it warmer and comfortable to live in. 

However, to ensure your and your family’s safety, refrain from going the DIY way in this matter. An experienced load bearing wall removal specialist will be able to help you make the best wall removal decisions for your residence. 

4.     Creates a Roomier Appearance

In an open floor plan, barriers such as walls, doors, and other structures sectioning off parts of your home are essentially removed. As a result, your common areas look and feel bigger. After these barriers are taken down, you and your family members will have more space to move around. 

Expansive spaces also bring about feelings of calmness and contentment among the home’s residents. After all, people do spend a lot of their time in the living room and the kitchen. Removing load bearing wall between kitchen and living room will go a long way in making your home more inviting and roomier. 

5.     Lends the Home a Modern Look

One of the chief hallmarks of a modern home is open spaces. Expanding families, in particular, prefer a modern home because of this specific feature. Many open floor layouts aesthetically connect the kitchen and the living room, for instance. This makes it easy for busy working parents who’re always multitasking to keep an eye on their children. 

Another noteworthy feature of a modern home with an open floor layout is interconnected indoor and outdoor spaces. This concept has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times, with a lot of homeowners reaching out to load bearing wall removal specialists with this design in mind. 

6.     Adds to the Kitchen’s Functionality

As mentioned, the kitchen has become more than just a room where cooking is done. It is the heart of the home, where families spend time together, eat, socialize, and create memories. 

Creating an open, yet functional kitchen is now just a matter of removing the wall that separates the adjoining room. This can be the living room or the dining area. A load bearing wall removal specialist will be able to suggest the best ways to get the job done, so you have a kitchen where you can cook as well as hang out with your loved ones.  

7.     Prioritizes Kids’ Safety 

Whether you’re a first-time parent or planning to expand your family further, you should definitely go for an open floor plan. It will make your home safer for your children as you’ll be able to easily watch over them and track their movements. 

Whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or working on your laptop in the living room, your children will always be within your periphery. Whereas walls and other obstructive structures will block your sight, an open floor layout will ensure you can always see them. 

8.     Enhances Energy Efficiency

Homes with open floor plans tend to be energy-efficient. Since there are no barriers or walls that hinder the flow of air or natural light, your home becomes easier to heat and cool. Also, with ample sunlight entering your home, you can save on electricity costs because you’ll use your lights less. 

In Conclusion

Open floor plans have become quite the rage in the recent years, and many new homeowners are now considering it a requirement when buying a new house. At the very basic, this kind of a layout combines two or more rooms together to make the home’s interior more expansive. 

This is essentially done by removing the barriers, i.e., the walls diving these rooms. Doing this not only makes your home look modern and aesthetic, but also creates a smooth flow between the various rooms of the house. At the end of the day, homeowners can say goodbye to small and closed-off spaces, and get the home of their dreams. 

Tearing down walls between rooms, however, is a big deal. After all, these walls support the weight of your entire home. Taking them down without proper precautions can be riskier than you think. It is a job best left to experienced load bearing wall removal specialists to ensure that the house stays standing and its residents are safe. 

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