The Problem With DIY Load-Bearing Wall Removal

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Common problems with DIY load-bearing wall removal.

There are plenty of articles out there explaining the basics of load-bearing wall removal. Most of them will tell you it’s better to hire a professional than to do the job yourself. We agree. However, you can find DIY load-bearing wall removal articles, some of which are quite detailed. The truth is, DIY load-bearing wall removal is possible for some with the right background, skills, tools, and resources. But we think that most homeowners will find the project far too much trouble and possibly risky, and here’s why.

DIY Load-Bearing Wall Removal – Why You Should Think Twice

1. If you make the wrong mistakes, you could seriously damage your home.

Most modern homes will stand the test of time. Standard construction practices produce homes that are stable, safe, and capable of holding up to the elements and regular use year after year. But if you mess with the basic engineering of the structure – like by removing a load-bearing wall and failing to support the load correctly – it can lead to major issues.

We’ve said before, removing a load-bearing wall isn’t necessarily going to make your home fall down around you. But with every shift in the structure while the load is not properly supported, stress can cause excessive wear on components.

2. Doing it right is not easy unless you have a lot of practice and the right resources.

We aren’t saying that comprehensive guides on how to remove a load-bearing wall are not accurate. Some can probably take you through all the right steps to do things correctly. But following all of those steps can take days or weeks of work. You may run into surprises – like electrical, HVAC, plumbing, asbestos, or other things in the walls. Each surprise adds days to the project as you have to solve a new problem. And the whole time, you are going to be wondering if you are doing it right.

You will also need to clear your plans with local regulators and with an engineer.

3. A mistake can be dangerous and expensive.

One of the big challenges with load-bearing wall removal and replacement with a beam is that mistakes can take years to show. You may think everything is fine and that you did a great job. Five years from now, you start to notice excessive cracking in the walls. When you bring a contractor in to figure out what’s wrong, he tells you that you didn’t properly support the load. Now you have to replace multiple walls, joists, and more. That, or vacate the home because it’s dangerous.

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