11 Traits to Look for in a Load Bearing Wall Removal Contractor

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As a general contractor, you have probably turned down a job because it involved load bearing wall removal. Load bearing walls make up the most critical part of a house’s structure. Even the slightest misstep in identifying and removing load-bearing walls can have devastating consequences down the line. That’s why you need a highly skilled and experienced contractor for load-bearing wall removal.

Hiring a load bearing wall removal contractor will spare you the pain of turning down a job. It expands your portfolio wide and far. However, finding such a contractor is not going to be easy. You will need to look for the following qualities when searching for a load-bearing wall removal contractor.

Qualities to Look for in Load-bearing Wall Removal Contractor

Let’s see what those qualities are.

1. Ability to Work with Other Contractors

This may seem obvious, but the load-bearing wall removal contractor should be able to work with other contractors. It’s an important quality to have. As you may already know, a major renovation will involve different general contractors, including plumbers, electricians, engineers, interior designers, masons, etc. And they all need to work as a team to complete the project on time.

This means the load-bearing wall removal contractor should know how to:

  • Communicate with other general contractors.
  • Complete their work without preventing others from doing theirs.
  • Consider the suggestions/changes made by engineers or other experts.
  • Provide the best possible load bearing wall removal solution under the circumstances.

This will make it easy for you to work with the load-bearing wall removal specialist.

2. Flexibility and Adaptability

Another important set of traits to look for in a load-bearing wall removal contractor is adaptability and flexibility. As you may already know, removing a load bearing wall is rarely a straightforward job. Despite careful planning, you may have to make last-minute changes to your plan.

It takes flexibility to try new workaround solutions. And you will also need to adapt when the workaround solutions don’t work out as planned. You will always have to count the unexpected to happen, especially when it comes to removing a load-bearing wall.  

That’s why adaptability and flexibility are critical qualities to have.

3. Proactive Communication

Communication plays a crucial role in the timely completion of your project. The load bearing wall removal contractor must communicate with you proactively, keeping you updated on the latest work-related developments. Remember, one timely phone call can help you avoid a potential delay or keep your budget from ballooning.

It’s frustrating to work with a contractor who pays little or no attention to your instructions. The load bearing wall removal contractor should take notes to understand your approach, vision, and expectations. It’s quite helpful to have written communication.

You can recap everything at the end of every meeting or discussion. That, in turn, makes it easier to understand how these changes will work out or affect your project timeline in the long run. Make sure your contractor communicates proactively and speaks their mind when needed.

4. Discipline

With discipline comes focus, which helps you finish your work on time. Most successful load bearing wall removal contractors are highly disciplined. They are careful with financial planning, project timeline, resource management, and material handling.

But most importantly, a disciplined contractor is more concerned about the long-term benefits. As a result, they are often more focused on greater rewards down the road than instant gratification. It’s no surprise every general contractor wants to work with a self-disciplined load bearing wall removal expert.

5. Excellent Track Record

Experience matters, especially when it comes to removing load bearing walls. That’s because an inexperienced contractor is more likely to make mistakes, exceed the estimated budget, and cause delays. On the other hand, an experienced contractor can finish the job on time, making it easier for you to complete yours on or before the deadline.

Moreover, with a track record, you can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of a contractor. It can be a testament to their consistent performance, quality improvement, and evolving skills.

Besides, an experienced load bearing wall removal contractor has had time to hone their craft. In other words, an experienced contractor can readily meet or even exceed your expectations. If that’s what you want, look only for a seasoned load bearing wall removal expert.

6. Load Bearing Wall Removal Knowledge

With experience comes extensive load bearing wall removal knowledge. And there is simply no substitute for this kind of knowledge. They know how to:

  • Remove the load bearing wall exactly the way a general contractor (you) wants
  • Find the best possible workaround solutions for difficult challenges
  • Identify materials best suited for the job and advise you of your choices
  • Address your concerns with clear and thorough explanations

The bottom line is – Always choose a load bearing wall removal contractor with substantial work experience.

7. Solution-Focused Approach

Only solution-focused general contractors can make it to the top. Your load bearing wall removal contractor is no exception to this rule. You would want to work with an expert who is nothing but solution focused. A solution-oriented contractor would:

  • Know when to step back and reassess the situation
  • Inspire the rest of the team to focus on solutions instead of fixating on the challenges
  • Act responsible for their actions instead of playing the blame game
  • Empower everyone to find workaround solutions

As mentioned before, removing load bearing wall can be tricky. It could be hiding a complex mesh of plumbing and electrical work inside. Rerouting all these structures isn’t going to be easy. That’s why only a contractor with a solution-focused approach is suitable for load bearing wall removal.

8. Attention to Detail

A seasoned load bearing wall removal contractor will also pay attention to the smallest details. They would know all the specifics of the work that needs to be completed. They will also provide you with:

  • A list of all the brands and materials that will be used in removing and replacing the wall
  • A projected timeline and work schedule that will act as a baseline

Of course, unexpected changes will occur, and your timeline will change. But having attention to these details can help you track your overall progress carefully. This helps you to establish suitable expectations for both you and the homeowner.

9. Superb Customer Service

Excellent customer service is going to be at the heart of your relationship with the load bearing wall removal contractor. When you get good service as a partner, you are more likely to get appreciation from your clients. This will add to your reputation as a general contractor.

Talking to their previous customers is probably the best way to find out how good your contractor’s customer service is. You can also check online and social media, including Better Business Bureau, Google Reviews, and other review sites. This information can be crucial when evaluating a load bearing wall removal contractor.

10. Licensed and Insured

Just like a general contractor, it’s vital for your load bearing wall removal contractor to have the required licenses, bonds, and insurance. Never work with an unlicensed and uninsured subcontractor. You would find yourself in financial and legal hot waters should a dispute arise.

When screening load bearing wall removal experts, check for the required licenses, permits, and paperwork. A professional contractor will furnish these details voluntarily. But you can also check with the Utah registrar to determine whether or not the contractor is licensed.

11. Transparent Pricing

Finally, you must also consider transparency, especially when it comes to pricing.

Why would you want to work with a contractor who is likely to “pull one over you?”

Having a crystal clear estimate helps you to set your expectations accordingly. It also allows you to plan your budget, change your work schedule, and define a baseline for your project. During construction, unexpected costs do add up. However, having a baseline always helps to keep your budget in check.

In Conclusion

As a general contractor, you are probably used to working with different subcontractors. However, hiring a load-bearing wall removal contractor is not the same. You will need to consider a few peculiar traits that will help you find an expert best suited for the job. Hopefully, this post will help you find a load-bearing wall removal expert quickly and efficiently.

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