Why General Contractors Should Hire Load Bearing Wall Removal Specialist

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Homeowners often want to make their living space more attractive and functional. While minor home improvements like painting bathroom walls or changing a kitchen sink can be DIY, large remodeling projects warrant professional help. For which general contractors in Utah like you are their go-to guys.

As a general contractor, you can take care of almost every aspect of home improvement. However, there is one task that would require you to hire a specialist – removing a load-bearing wall. This is definitely not a task most general contractors are willing to take over.

You could run into many problems because load-bearing wall removal is a complex process that requires a trained, experienced, and skilled professional. That’s where wall removal contractor in Utah like Load Bearing Pros comes in. We have worked with many general contractors in Utah before.

8 Reasons Behind Hiring Wall Removal Specialist

Let’s understand why general contractors like you should hire us.

1. Experience That Speaks for Itself

The name says it all, “Load Bearing Pros.” And load-bearing wall removal is all we do. We never take up any general construction projects. We only do what we know best, replacing load-bearing walls with support beams. In other words, we have an unparalleled experience.

That’s the distinct advantage general contractors get when they hire us.

There are not many companies that deal only in removing load-bearing walls. Most contractors also handle other masonry, home improvement, and construction work. But we are different. We like to focus on our core strengths so our customers can get the best possible results.

And we keep improving our skills. We treat each project as a challenge, learning something new at every step. This attitude helps us stay ahead of the curve, always. The bottom line is that if you need a wall removal contractor in Utah, look no further than Load Bearing Pros.

2. Get the Most Reasonable Estimates

As mentioned earlier, removing a load bearing wall is a complex process. It requires careful planning and execution. Many times the project can be more challenging than we expect, which may affect the overall cost.

However, we are lean team of experts. A Small team means lower overheads for general contractors like you. In short, we can offer you the most reasonable estimates that you are less likely to find elsewhere.

Secondly, our experience helps us anticipate additional costs (if any) well in advance. In most cases, we can identify a potential issue before putting a hammer to the wall. And we make sure to consider the additional costs when sending the estimate to you. This helps you quote the final estimate to your client without difficulty.

Moreover, we like to maintain 100% transparency when it comes to costs. We don’t charge a finder’s fee, surcharge, or any other costs that are unnecessary. This is one of the reasons why many general contractors in Utah prefer working with us.

3. Expert Consultations When Needed

We didn’t get to be where we are today by cutting corners. While we like to keep the costs down, we never compromise quality. We firmly believe all our customers, both homeowners and general contractors in Utah, deserve only the best. So, we make sure to run the load-bearing removal plan by an engineer.

Yes, we consult reliable and experienced engineers regularly. Before we set the wheels in motion, we always talk to the experts. If the engineer points out an issue, we won’t proceed without finding a suitable solution. This translates into excellent work quality and complete customer satisfaction; two things we hold dear.

4. Perform the Most Efficient Demolition Ever

Taking down the load-bearing wall is a major step in the process. Our team identifies if the wall you want to take down is load bearing or not. Moreover, we also check whether or not it’s a good idea for you to remove it. The demolition and supporting beam replacement have to be structurally sound.

So our experts plan everything to the tee. We talk to our customers, whether general contractors or homeowners, about the potential impact of removing a load-bearing wall. Then, we bring down the wall in the most efficient way possible.

We take care of:

  • Not causing too much disturbance to other construction activity
  • Demolishing the wall as quickly as possible
  • Not damaging any HVAC ducts, plumbing pipes, or electrical components
  • Using strong temporary support before installing the beam
  • Installing a suitable beam with required permanent support

5. Install Virtually Any Load Bearing Beam

You can find different types of load-bearing beams in the market. Most contractors install wood glue laminated support beams as they are commonly used. It’s ok to use a widely popular beam. But there may be other better-suited options for your load-bearing wall removal project.

When you hire a wall removal contractor like us, you can choose virtually any type of support beam. Our experts have worked with the following types of load-bearing beams.

  • Wood Glue Lam
  • Wood Micro Lam
  • Steel I Beam
  • Steel C Channel
  • Girder Truss

Moreover, we can install a beam of pretty much any size. Whether you need a large beam or a small one, we can help.

6. Ability to Tackle the Unexpected

Thanks to our years of experience, we know that no two projects are the same. Besides, when you cut through the drywall, you can face unexpected issues, like electrical wiring and plumbing structures. These issues may not allow homeowners to remove the load-bearing wall as planned.

But our experts can spot these issues quickly and find the best possible alternative. As we have done this countless times before, we can tackle any unexpected issues right there and then. Also, we will make sure to inform you about the issue and how we are handling it. This allows general contractors to focus on their work.

7. Leave Customization to You

General contractors are often really good at home improvements like fixing drywall, painting, and other basic tasks. We like to get out of your way as soon as possible. Of course, we will clean after ourselves before leaving. But that’s about it.

You are free to go ahead with whatever customizations you have in mind as a general contractor. Our job is to replace the load-bearing wall with a support beam. We will also verify if the beam is structurally sound. This allows you to do the interior and drywall just the way your clients want.

8. Timely Turnaround

General contractors often work on tight schedules. You probably have dozens of other projects that need your attention. Plus, unnecessary delays can result in increased costs, lost productivity, and even poor work quality. As a seasoned load-bearing wall removal contractor, we understand that only too well. That’s why we make sure to stick to our own schedule.

While providing you with an estimate, we will also give you a timeline. Furthermore, we make sure to keep you updated on the progress. You can start your drywall and other construction work as soon as our job is done.

In Conclusion

General contractors often come across load-bearing wall removal projects. Unfortunately, not many general contractors are up for this tedious task. You will need experts to ensure efficient, cost-effective, and timely removal of a load-bearing wall. That’s where we come in. Hopefully, this short post will help you know the difference we can make should you hire us.

Are you one of the general contractors in Utah looking for a load-bearing wall removal specialist? Please give us a call at (385) 300-8322 or complete our online contact form to find out how we can help.