Basics of Removing a Load-Bearing Wall

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At Load Bearing Pros, we are often asked about the process we use when removing a load-bearing wall. How, exactly, do we do what we do? While there is certainly some engineering involved to determine the fine details, the basics are easy enough for anyone to understand. Let’s go over how our Bountiful load-bearing wall removal team can quickly and safely take out your wall.

Removing a Load-Bearing Wall – The Basics

Here are the basic steps we take in the load-bearing wall removal process. These steps come after we have made our calculations, including determining load, and finalized our planning stage.

1. Build temp walls to support the structure.

If we were to come in and knock out the wall immediately, there could be some serious problems. You never want to remove a load-bearing wall unless you have something in place to bear the load. That’s why we build temporary walls. With the walls in place, your house will maintain its proper structure while we do our work.

2. Remove the load-bearing wall and dispose of the materials.

Next comes the removal of the wall. Using a range of tools – from sledgehammers to saws – we take out the wall. Some homeowners wonder if we can remove the whole wall. Don’t worry, we can.

As we remove the wall, it’s necessary to take the materials out of your home and dispose of them. That way, we have a clear work space for the next step.

3. Install the beam.

Now comes the fun part. We bring in a beam cut to our specifications and install it to hold all the weight that the original wall was holding. The beam is more than capable of bearing the load and it can do it without blocking the flow throughout your home.

4. Make all the connections.

Once we have the beam in place, we connect it to the other load-bearing walls in your home. These are usually the exterior walls. It’s important to make sure the beam is solidly connected so that it will stay in place. Fortunately, making secure connections is easy for our Ogden load-bearing wall removal experts.

5. Verify the load has direct bearing down to the footings.

Although we are confident in our work, we are sticklers for doing things right. We have a thorough verification process that we use and we don’t walk away until it’s complete.

Want Your Load-Bearing Wall Removed Fast?

If you are considering removing a load-bearing wall in your home, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our Utah load-bearing wall removal team serves Utah County, Salt Lake County, Summit County, and the surrounding areas. Once we get you scheduled, you can rest easy knowing the open floorplan of your dreams is on its way.  

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