7 Things That Can Go Wrong with Your Kitchen Remodel

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remodeled kitchen

Kitchen remodels are popular with homeowners looking to refurbish their space. According to a survey by Statista, 45% of respondents took on a kitchen renovation project because they wanted to do it all along and finally had the means. On the other hand, 35% couldn’t stand their old kitchen, and 28% wanted to personalize a recently purchased home.  Renovating a … Read More

Can You Remove Part of a Load-Bearing Wall? Your Questions Answered

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remove part of load bearing wall

Does your dream home include plenty of free space, abundant natural light, and several multifunctional areas? If so, you should opt for an open design. Besides expanding your living quarters, open floor plans can:  Enlarge a small space  Enable frequent interactions and easier bonding between family members Make entertaining guests a breeze  Offer a spectacular view of the outdoors That … Read More

How Good Are You at Removing Load Bearing Walls?

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removing load-bearing walls

For most homeowners, removing a load-bearing wall is a big deal. We understand. Considering how important the task is, it only makes sense to ask us how skilled we are. You don’t want to hire a company that has never removed a load-bearing wall before. Here we will explain how good we are at removing load-bearing walls – and why … Read More