Removing a Load Bearing Wall – How Fast?

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removing a load-bearing wall

Usually, the first question we get about removing a load-bearing wall in Utah is whether it’s possible. Another common question is how quickly we can get it done. If you are wondering, “How fast can you remove a load-bearing wall?” we have your answer. Not only that, but we also outline why our Utah load-bearing wall removal company can complete our work so quickly.

How Quickly Can You Remove My Load Bearing Wall?

We can remove most walls in 4-8 hours. Pretty fast, huh? Larger jobs can take longer. We have some jobs that take up to two days or more, but that’s usually when there are multiple walls to remove. If you are surprised at how fast we can do it, you are not alone. Most clients assume it will take days if not a week or more to get the job done. This is one of the areas where our professional expertise and experience allow us to exceed client expectations.

Why Are You So Fast?

Removing a load-bearing wall in 8 hours or less may seem remarkable – but to us it’s just normal. There are several reasons we are so fast, including:

1. We have removed a lot of load-bearing walls.

If you think about your job, whatever your job is, you can understand how much you improve with experience. When you first started, you had to learn so many things. Each step you took required study, repetition, and feedback from someone more experienced. If you have been at your job for a few years, though, you have probably become much more efficient. That’s where our Utah load-bearing wall removal team is at.

Our team has been removing load-bearing walls almost daily for as long as we’ve been in business. That means we have removed hundreds if not thousands of walls. No wonder we are good at it.

2. We focus completely on load-bearing wall removal – nothing else.

A lot of companies that remove load-bearing walls offer a range of construction services. They may be able to build your house from start to finish – and also help with load-bearing wall removal. We used to do that, too. But we discovered that we were better at wall removal if that’s all we did. So, that’s all we do now. Day in and day out, we remove load-bearing walls.

3. It’s not just one guy trying to do everything himself.

While we run a lean, efficient operation, we don’t overload any one person with too many jobs. We have all the people we need to do everything right and as quickly as possible.

Let Us Show You How Fast We Can Remove Your Load-Bearing Wall

You don’t have to take our word for it. If you are looking for load-bearing wall removal services in Orem, Draper, Kaysville, or anywhere in between, give us a call.

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