Can You Remove My Load Bearing Wall?

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Can I remove this wall?

One of the first questions our Utah load-bearing wall removal team gets from customers is, “Can you remove my load-bearing wall?” It makes sense because homeowners have been told for a long time that removing a load-bearing wall is hard – or even impossible. If you are told something over and over, it’s only natural that you will believe it. But the truth is, almost any load-bearing wall in a home can be removed. You just have to do it right – which is where we come in.

Can You Remove My Load Bearing Wall?

Yes! Almost certainly. But you are probably hoping for a little more detailed answer than a simple “Yes.” To give you a better idea of why we are saying yes, consider the following:

Our Utah load-bearing wall removal team is really good at what we do.

Our team has been removing load-bearing walls in Utah for years. We often remove several load-bearing walls a week. Needless to say, we know what we are doing. Even if some other companies don’t feel like they can pull it off, we most certainly can. Just tell us what you want to accomplish – the design you are hoping to achieve – and we will apply our extensive experience to get you as close to your dream as possible.

We can give you a yes or no answer in very little time.

Nobody wants to trust a Utah wall removal company that automatically says yes to every job. Don’t worry, we aren’t that kind of company. Before we give you our final verdict, we will analyze your home from the foundation to the roof. We will quickly calculate load transfer and determine if your desired floorplan is possible. We will never tell you we can do something that we can’t actually do.

Your house probably won’t fall down even if you do it wrong.

Most homeowners are afraid that if they remove a load-bearing wall, the house will collapse. While this could be a possibility in certain situations, it’s unlikely. Most homes are built using tried and true building techniques. Even if you remove a load-bearing wall, the home won’t immediately collapse to the ground.

To be clear – over time, the missing load-bearing wall will lead to structural damage. It could eventually ruin the roof and the overall structure. We wouldn’t recommend living in a home with a missing load-bearing wall. But we think it’s important to put things in perspective. As long as we plan appropriately, we can remove your load-bearing wall without trouble.

When Can You Remove My Load Bearing Wall?

Our Utah load-bearing wall removal experts is in high demand – but we are also fast. We will schedule your wall removal as soon as we can. To find out exactly when we can remove your wall, give us a call at (385) 300-8322 or fill out our secure online contact form. We will get back to you quickly with an answer.