5 Reasons to Remove a Load Bearing Wall in Utah

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Load Bearing Wall Remove in Utah Home

Why Open Floor Plans are a must-have in Utah

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why open floorplans are so popular and why they will post pandemic:

1. They make small homes feel bigger.

Utah has plenty of large, beautiful homes. But it also has its fair share of smaller homes – especially if the home was built over 20 years ago or more. For modern homeowners that live in or purchase a smaller home, too many walls and doors can make the home feel claustrophobic. Taking down some walls and creating a more spacious, open floor plan is often necessary to make such homes feel comfortable. 

2. They make homes brighter.

One of the big reasons so many homeowners want open floor plans is to bring light into the home. Bringing in sunshine lifts moods, makes it easier to work on tasks and increases the attractiveness of the interior. It’s especially helpful in situations where interior rooms have no windows. Knock down a wall and it brings in much-needed light. 

3. They make spaces multi-functional.

You have more control over your spaces in an open floor plan. When needed, you can create a workspace, a recreation space, an entertainment space, or a home office. It’s great to have separate rooms for all of these things, but many homes are not large enough to accommodate a special room for every one of the activities you might want to do. 

4. They make homes more valuable. 

Some work from home homeowners may be wishing for a separate office right now, but the real estate market still values open floor plans over many small rooms. You just need to look at home prices to verify this fact. Compare two homes with the same square footage, one with an open floor plan and one without. The open floor plan home is almost certain to be valued higher than the one without an open floor plan. 

5. They bring families together.

Open space facilitates communication, and that often creates a better family unit. We can both see and hear each other better than trying to communicate say, from the kitchen to someone sitting in the living room when a load bearing wall is in the way.

Post Covid Pandemic Trends

Open floorplans don’t have to mean that a home has no walls or doors. You can still enjoy the feeling and freedom of an open floor plan without losing all sense of privacy. The post-pandemic trend is to still open up space, but have ways to close off the rooms if needed. This is especially true for office space. In this situation, a sliding barn door can be the answer. Slide the door for privacy, and slide it open when you’re ready for company.

Need to Knock Out a Load Bearing Wall?

If you are like most homeowners and still wanting an open floor plan, we want you to know that we can help. Our company specializes in removing load-bearing walls. That means you don’t have to compromise your vision to get the home you want. 

Please contact us today for a free estimate. Take advantage of our unique knowledge and abilities to take down your load bearing wall – without sacrificing safety or breaking the bank. We are standing by to assist you!