Safe Load-Bearing Wall Removal – How We Do It

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall Removal

Safe load-bearing wall removal is our priority.

There are tons of safety tips out there for DIY projects. But what about when it comes to safe load-bearing wall removal? There are a few, but any that are being honest will start by telling you to talk to a professional. That’s because load-bearing wall removal, when done improperly, can create some real safety hazards. So, what’s the difference … Read More

Basics of Removing a Load-Bearing Wall

UtahlbwLoad Bearing Wall Removal

Remove load bearing wall

At Load Bearing Pros, we are often asked about the process we use when removing a load-bearing wall. How, exactly, do we do what we do? While there is certainly some engineering involved to determine the fine details, the basics are easy enough for anyone to understand. Let’s go over how our Bountiful load-bearing wall removal team can quickly and … Read More